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ims nz | Implementing Management Solutions for New Zealand Companies

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ims nz | Implementing Management Solutions for New Zealand Companies

Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Lean Projects | Operational Excellence

Productivity Improvement | Inventory Best Practice | Change Management

Effective Communications | Structured Problem Solving

Workplace Layout and Design | Smart Meetings | Results focused teams

Maintenance Best Practice

IMS NZ provides a range of services focused on delivering significant and sustainable results through the development of agile and flexible market focused organisations.

We work collaboratively with our clients, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation, proven frameworks, and first-class implementation to support New Zealand companies develop the right culture to support continued growth and increasing profitability.

Our core capabilities include lean, operational excellence, continuous improvement and change management. We can deliver a full suite of services from strategy and planning to shop floor operations improvement.

We work equally well with senior management and shop floor staff and our approach is characterised by engagement, cooperation and action.

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