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ims nz | Implementing Management Solutions for New Zealand Companies

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NZQA Certified Training

We Offer...

Continuous Improvement Partnerships.

We will work with your organisation to analyse then develop and implement a comprehensive lean/continuous improvement programme.

This starts with senior management and eventually involves most if not all staff, we will become a trusted business partner and create a capability that ensures future success.

Expert advice from our 30 years plus combined experience.

Ongoing coaching support for your team.

Clever resources we have developed to aid your team.

Flexibility ensures our programmes fit your schedules and meet your current and future business needs.

These 3 courses vary in duration from 9-14 months with an expectation of 1 day per month off-job training. The course content is flexible to meet business needs so modules are included to target opportunities.

• Course 1 – Diploma in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 5, 120 credits)

• Course 2 – Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 4, 70 credits)

• Course 3 – Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 2, 40 credits)

We offer 3 qualifications for your organisation under Competitive Manufacturing. While your staff gain an internationally recognised qualification, your business gains guaranteed business results because candidates must deliver commercial improvements as part of the course.


Delivering world class, right here...

We work at all levels in an organisation and provide a full suite of services from strategy development to lean implementation support. We also provide NZQA accredited training programmes (Competitive Manufacturing Level 2, 4 and Diploma).

Our areas of expertise include:

Operational Excellence | Leadership Development | Lean Implementation | Productivity Improvement | Structured Problem Solving | Workplace Layout and Design | Results focused teams | Effective communications | Training and Coaching | Workshop Facilitation | Maintenance Best Practice

Our sector experience includes Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas and Engineering.


From 4 hours to 5 days we can tailor a workshop that will increase awareness, create enthusiasm and embed capability for your team.

Leading and Managing Change (1-3 days).

Continuous Improvement Strategy (2-5 days).

Lean Principles Introduction (2 days).

Lean Simulations (0.5-1 day).

Effective Problem Solving (2 days).

Value Stream Mapping (2 days).

Organisational Performance Analysis (0.5-2 days).


In collaboration with the Canterbury Development Corporation, we deliver Operational Excellence and Lean Office programmes to many Christchurch companies. Click Here


We offer services that are registered for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Click Here


Why we will give you the best results and value…

We listen to what you want to achieve and work with you to co-design the right programme for your needs.

We work to understand the root causes of the barriers to peak performance.

We build rapport with your team and know how to generate buy-in to new ways of working.

We relate to all levels in an organisation and are renowned for our ability to connect to staff quickly.

We have varied and effective delivery approaches – Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

We bring experiences from multiple sectors incl. manufacturing, healthcare, service, non profits, govt bodies and many others.

We build milestones into our programmes for visibility on progress.